Bilkent University, located in the capital city of Ankara, is one of the premier educational institutions in Turkey. With its diverse and extensive range of academic programs, Bilkent offers world-class education and research opportunities to its students.
At Bilkent, students can choose from over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide variety of fields including engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, management, and law. The university is known for its emphasis on interdisciplinary research and encourages students to pursue their intellectual interests in a creative and innovative way.
The faculty at Bilkent is comprised of highly qualified and experienced educators who provide students with top-notch academic guidance and support. Moreover, the university's modern facilities and resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories, research centers, and libraries, further enhance the learning experience.
Apart from academics, Bilkent also offers a welcoming and vibrant campus life with numerous social, cultural, and sports opportunities. Students can join clubs and organizations, participate in events, and enjoy various campus-wide initiatives to pursue their extracurricular interests, enhance their soft skills, and foster a sense of community.
Overall, Bilkent's offerings encompass a holistic approach to higher education, with a focus on academic excellence, creativity, innovation, and personal development. By choosing Bilkent, students can unlock their true potential and build a bright future for themselves in their chosen fields.
Bilkent Endüstri Mühendisliği Dersleri. Bilkent Offerings. Lisans Programı Müfredatı. İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent Üniversitesi ders notlarını PDF. Bilkent Üniversitesi İdari İşler Servisleri Topluluğudur. Bilkent University. Services. Academic Units. Courses, offerings, curriculum, staff and catalog. OFFERINGS'DEN İSTEDİĞİNİZ SECTIONLARIN ADIM ADIM NASIL DOLDUĞUNU TAKİP EDEBİLİRSİNİZ. Translate Tweet. AM · Sep 13, Discover Bilkent: Bilkent in Brief: A Short Film: Bilkent in Pictures: Ankara, the Capital: Information on Turkey: Student Experiences: Erasmus Charter: Erasmus Policy . Course Registrations Course Registration is arranged by the Office of Exchange Programs (OISEP) for exchange students within the course registration period of the university. .

Bilkent offerings. Analitik.

Bilkent University - STARS Services Academic Units Courses, offerings, curriculum, staff and catalog Offerings List of courses offered SRS For continuing students and alumni . 87 rows · Bilkent University Online Academic Catalog Undergraduate and Graduate .

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Bilkent offers exchange students from every country an engaging academic environment with all courses offered in English. During your semester or year in the . 87 rows · Bilkent University Online Academic Catalog Undergraduate and Graduate .
None of these Bilkent University scholarships carry any future obligations on the part of the recipient. Scholarships for International Students International applicants who apply for financial assistance will be evaluated according to their high school grades and their national and international exam scores. In the ÖSYM system there are different quotas for each scholarship status. Students qualifying for Full Scholarship may further qualify for a Comprehensive Scholarship based on their university entrance exam performance. The scholarships are guaranteed to continue for two years in the English Preparatory Program, for 5 years in four-year undergraduate programs and for 7 years in four-year undergraduate programs for the students who entered Bilkent University before The comprehensive scholarship of students whose undergraduate education extends beyond five years, becomes a full scholarship.
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Incoming Exchange Students Bilkent offers exchange students from every country an engaging academic environment with all courses offered in English.

During your semester or year in the Department of Communication and Design, you can choose from a wide range of course offerings in media production, analysis, and criticism. Exchange students also have the flexibility to explore other offerings in the Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture and other schools at the university. This variety makes your course selection readily adaptable to any requirements set forth by your home institution, helping you make the most of your time abroad.

For general information about Bilkent University as a destination for exchange students, check out the Office of Exchange Programs. Scheduling Tips for Incoming COMD Exchange Students A full-time course load at Bilkent generally consists of five or six courses, each of which meets for three lecture hours per week although production courses may have a different structure — see below. While exchange students enjoy a great deal of freedom when building a course schedule, please be aware that some course combinations are difficult or impossible to fit into a single semester or year.

Many popular courses come with COMD-specific prerequisite requirements, and not every course is offered every semester. Likewise, COMD courses aimed at the graduate level numbered and above are not available to undergraduate students, including exchange students.

As you consult with academic advisers at your home institution, please familiarize yourself with the COMD offerings in the Bilkent course catalog. This limitation has been established for reasons of time management, as production courses generally require a significant number of hours per week of independent work conducted outside of class.

Therefore, exchange students are also expected to limit their production courses to one per term. Please make sure that your proposed schedule contains only one of the following courses for each term you plan to study at Bilkent:. This will facilitate the scheduling process once you arrive for your semester or year with COMD.

For questions about course selection, contact the departmental Exchange Coordinator, Colleen Kennedy-Karpat: kenkar bilkent. Bilkent also offers more in-depth Turkish language classes for transferable course credit through the Turkish Teaching Unit.

For more information about these courses, contact Ms. Nurdane Mumcu Öz at nurdane bilkent. Study abroad offers a unique opportunity to experience academic and social life in a new environment and to witness firsthand how media is evolving on a global scale. All or part of an academic year may be spent overseas. Students planning to study abroad should begin researching available programs in their first and second semesters of study and aim to maintain a CGPA that will give them eligibility for the program s of their choice.

To apply, students must have a minimum CGPA of 2. Applications must be submitted online AND in signed, hard copy to the current COMD exchange coordinator by early December in order to have the first choice of partner programs, and to be considered for grant money to help cover living expenses during one semester of study abroad. The second round of applications for exchanges scheduled ONLY during the spring semester of the same academic year may be opened in September, depending on availability of slots after the first round of assignments to partner programs.

Students in their third, fourth, OR fifth semester at Bilkent are eligible to apply during this second round; however, second-round applications are not eligible for funding , and not all programs will be open to new applicants.

Fulten Larlar, fultenlarlar bilkent. Home Undergraduate Programs Exchange Programs. Exchange Programs Incoming Exchange Students Bilkent offers exchange students from every country an engaging academic environment with all courses offered in English. Contact: Fulten Larlar, fultenlarlar bilkent.

Department of Communication and Design. Department of Fine Arts. Department of Graphic Design. Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. Department of . Bilkent Distinguished Teaching Awards – Recipients. Bilkent EE Graduate’s Research Looks at Potential of Evaporation as an Energy Source. Bilkent Enters .
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If you have any questions or issues, please contact Hande Ilgaz, the undergraduate program coordinator ([email protected]). Learning Outcomes for Bachelor of Arts in . Each student may request up to 2 courses to be offered. Students who applied for the Summer School courses will be given appointments to register. Registration .Student Academic Information Registration System. Bilkent University. Courses, offerings, curriculum, staff and catalog. Offerings. List of courses offered. SRS For continuing students and alumni. Student Review System.


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