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Discord, her geçen gün daha da popüler hale geliyor ve birçok kullanıcı arasında en iyi sanal topluluk platformu olarak öne çıkıyor. Discord'un en büyük özelliklerinden biri, kullanıcıların özelleştirilebilir botlarla sunucularını yönetebilmeleridir.
İşte Discord için kullanabileceğiniz en iyi 10 bot:
1. Dyno Bot: Sunucularınızı otomatik olarak yönetmenize olanak tanıyan özelliklerle dolu bir bot. Özellikle moderasyon, kullanıcı izleme ve davetlerin yönetimi açısından çok kullanışlıdır.
2. GAwesome Bot: Sunucunuzu yönetmek için ihtiyacınız olan her şeyi sunan çok yönlü bir Discord botu. Özellikle sunucu analitiği ve akıllı mod seçenekleri ile dikkat çeker.
3. MEE6 Bot: Sunucularınızı yönetmek, moderasyon görevlerinizi yerine getirmek ve serbest mesaj atmaya olanak tanıyan tam özellikli bir bot.
4. Tatsumaki Bot: Kullanıcı etkinliği, puanlama/level sistemi ve özelleştirilebilir ödül sistemleri gibi özellikleriyle dikkat çeken popüler bir bot.
5. Carl Bot: Otomatik moderasyon özellikleri, mesaj kaydı ve rol yönetimi gibi özelliklerle donatılmış geniş kapsamlı bir Discord botu.
6. Dank Memer: Komik memler, oyunlar ve diğer eğlence içerikleri sunan eğlenceli bir Discord botu.
7. Rythm Bot: Discord sunucularınızda müzik çalmak için kullanabileceğiniz özellikle popüler bir bot.
8. ProBot: Sunucunuzda güvenlik, moderasyon, otomatik davet yönetimi ve görsel kanal denetimi gibi özellikleri sağlayan çok yönlü bir bot.
9. Zira Bot: Sunucularınızda genel rastgele sohbetlere katılan bir bot. Özellikle Kahoot gibi interaktif oyunlar oynamak için büyük bir yardımcı.
10. Mudae Bot: Anime ve sahne karakterlerinin yanı sıra Pokemon ve Fate karakterleri gibi popüler serilerden karakterleri yaratan hayal gücü botu.
Bu, Discord sunucularınız için kullanabileceğiniz en iyi 10 botlardan sadece birkaçı. Bunların hepsi, sunucularınızı daha ilginç ve işlevsel hale getirmek için harika araçlardır.
3 DK' DISCORD BOT LIST SimpsonBot 0 0 upvotes in February Add SimpsonBot Upvote şekilde kurduk inşallah beğenirsiniz 10 like gelirse devamı gelecektir. Joey. ai. AI Chatbot. + Conclusion Gambling Bot # This is one of the best gambling bots discord has. Online Casinos Ranked & Reviewed Silentbet reviewed the top 10 online casi.Top 10 BEST DISCORD BOTS [Unbiased] - YouTube In this video, I will be telling you about the top 10 best discord bots that you should be using in your discord server in order to. Feb 10,  · Best Discord Music Bots 1. FredBoat. FredBoat is one of the best discord music bots which supports a number of different websites. It can be 2. MEE6. MEE6 is a very capable music bot for Discord which not only lets you play music but also lets you do all kinds 3. Aiode. Aiode, previously known.

Top 10 bots for discord. Analitik.

Sep 11,  · 10 Best Discord Bots 1. MEE6 Among Discord bots, MEE6 is one of the best for moderation. The MEE6 bot can be used to automatically scan the chat on your Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Discord Bot List has an extensive list of Discord Bot Commands for many of the best Discord bots. MEE6 Commands; Dank Memer Commands; Pokétwo Commands; .

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Top 10 bots for discord. Gozden gecirmek.

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Jan 13,  · Here is a list of the 10 most recommended discord servers that you can use to make your servers functional and attractive. Also read: The Top 5 Zedge Alternatives Available Across All Platforms! 1. GAwesome Bot. GAwesome is a perfect multipurpose discord bot because of its customizability. Explore more tags below to find Discord bots related to your interests using the most advanced public list! Music Fun Economy Games NSFW Utility Moderation Meme Social Dashboard LGBTQ Furry Customizable Anime Leveling Turkish Fortnite Minecraft Roleplay Random.
Top Voted. Multipurpose Utility. The most advanced and comprehensive discord bot dedicated to esoterica. View Add Bot Upvote. Pokémon Gaming. The Pokémon experience, on Discord.
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The easiest way to describe Discord is as a digital Roman forum—a porous community hub where you go to shout and listen to others shout. In a given server, there are games, commerce, fights, even courts of law if you count moderators. Discord bots bring order to the entropy of online communication. All of the top Discord servers are rife with bots, providing much-needed security, structure, information, and entertainment.

One might let users opt into roles so others know where they stand in the community. Another might call up relevant information on the price of a popular good—IRL or in a video game. There are polling bots, music bots, security bots.

From 5,person public Roblox servers to person online friend groups, these are the bots every server should have at least one of. These multi-use bots provide basic organizing and infrastructure for an easy-to-navigate and active Discord server.

These are going to let you assign roles either automatically or by letting users choose roles with emoji reacts , filter spam, set rules for users, and log moderator events, and they offer a whole bunch of other mundane tools that are important for managing a large Discord server.

And live it does on 16 million. The bot is a ubiquitous and uniformly helpful presence on servers with 15, members or just five, welcoming new users with an automated message and kicking them out for spamming memes.

MEE6 facilitates moderation, custom commands like answering frequently asked questions , and creating polls and can log activity on a Discord server relevant to moderators. A server owner can notify only their Twitch subscribers or moderators about a specific thing without everyoneing, and users can identify who to contact if they have questions or what other gamers share their love of Rocket League.

MEE6 lets users opt into up to roles by clicking on particular emoji under a Discord post. A lot of servers incentivize users to rank up roles—which MEE6 facilitates—by paying extra money to content creators, performing certain tasks, or just sticking around long enough. Carl-bot : Carl-bot has a lot of the same functionality as MEE6, including up to reaction roles and welcome messages.

It can log events, create polls, and rate limit spammers. More importantly, it lets users implement some more advanced custom commands without a premium fee. Discord servers can get, generously, a little toxic.

And now that Discord has become so popular, a lot of servers suffer from problems with spam. To keep your digital space safe, kind, and spam-free, consider adding a couple of these bots:.

Boone Ashworth. Will Bedingfield. Simon Hill. Medea Giordano. Tatsu : Leveling bots let users gain XP and ranks based on how much they participate in a server.

Mods can set higher participation levels to correspond to server roles. On top of being a fun side game, it has a fringe benefit of making it clearer to newcomers which people have been around for a while and who to turn to for support.

Tatsu is a more full-fledged leveling system, with credits and points that can be spent on profile cards, pets, and other cosmetic items. Some currency and items are global, meaning they carry over across Discord servers. These bots add a little extra something to servers—be it minigames, music, or random bits of madness.

Multiple other music bots, which also allowed streaming from YouTube, were recently disrupted or taken down entirely when YouTube forced them offline. Naturally, this happened shortly before YouTube started testing its own, albeit slightly different, integration with Discord.

Epic RPG : This popular text-based bot facilitates a serverwide role-playing game. Players can hunt monsters, upgrade their armor, buy and sell goods, and level up through simple text commands. From there, players can buy and sell items, battle, and even start families. HaikuBot : A simple bot that detects any message with a syllabic structure and converts it into a haiku. Offers a small burst of joy.

Some Discord servers are for just chatting with IRL friends or linking up with strangers for games of Valorant. Others are more involved—organizing online tournaments, planning Discord-wide events , or even designing elaborate role-plays.

These are our picks for bots to help facilitate Discords that need a little assistance with planning. Sesh : This calendar bot can be used to generate events from messages, customize time zones for specific users, link to Google calendar, or use polls to choose ideal times for certain events. Scheduled events are a relatively new feature for Discord , so a bot to help manage them is a huge aid. Apollo : Another calendar bot for Discord, this one can set automatic reminders to let users know when an event they signed up for is coming up.

Mimu Bot : Some servers integrate their own currency systems so users can purchase new roles or digital items. Member Count : It can be hard to determine how many Discord users are in a given server without a lot of scrolling and adding.

Member Count provides customizable server statistics simply and easily. Jaina Grey. Adrienne So. Matt Jancer. David Nield. WIRED has done that for you.

Here are our favorite Discord bots: All-Purpose. For a Secure, Clean, and Friendly Server. Most Popular. Staff Writer Twitter. He's guided readers on how to use technology for nearly a decade for publications including Lifehacker, OneZero, and The New York Times. Read more. Product Writer and Reviewer Twitter.

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The best leveling bot on discord. Fastest reaction roles, youtube alerts, auto moderation, and more. Give your server a fresh coat! Fastest reaction roles, youtube alerts, auto . discord music bot +9 Invite Vote (K) The perfect music bot for your server! High-quality music, 24/7, permission system and more! Supports Spotify, Soundcloud.
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May 4,  · To help you choose the best bots for your Discord server, we have curated a list of some of the best Discord bots that you can install and add new features and improve the overall functionality. 1. Nov 6,  · It also lets you build a starboard (like a hall of fame of Discord messages), send custom welcome messages, and more. 3. Groovy. It's always a joy to share your .Cleverbot. 51, Chat. Chat bot. +8. Megumin. AI Chatbot. Anime. + Vote ().


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