Amity Fabrika Gezisi. Brensino, Gasparo da Salo dhe A
Amati Fabrikası, İtalya'nın Kuzeyinde Cremona şehrinde 1630 yılında Andrea Amati tarafından kurulmuştur. Amati ailesi, keman, viyola ve viyolonsel yapımı konusunda uzmanlaşmış bir ailedir. Aile, İtalyan müzik endüstrisinin zirvesinde yer almıştır. Ayrıca Stradivarius ve Guarneri aileleri ile birlikte dünya çapında ün kazanmıştır.
Amati Fabrikası, yüzyıllar boyunca ürettiği müzik aletleriyle önemli bir yer edinmiştir. Andrea Amati, keman yapımı konusunda öncü olmuştur. Ayrıca, Amati ailesi keman yapımı konusunda inovasyonlar getirmiştir. Örneğin, kemanın gövdesindeki hafif bir çukurluk, ses kalitesini arttırmak için kullanılmıştır.
Amati ailesinin üyeleri, aynı zamanda keman yapımının inceliklerini öğretmek için öğretmenlik yapmışlardır. Bu öğrenciler arasında Stradivarius ve Guarneri gibi ünlü keman yapımcıları vardır. Amati Fabrikası, birçok lüks malikane ve şatonun yanı sıra papalık sarayları için de özel siparişler almıştır.
Bugün Amati Fabrikası, özellikle tarihi müzik aletleri için bir restorasyon merkezi olarak hizmet vermektedir. Ancak, hala özel siparişler için müzik aletleri yapmaktadır. Fabrika, keman yapımı konusunda uzun bir geçmişe sahip olması ve ailenin yetenekleri ve inovasyonu nedeniyle hala saygınlığı korumaktadır.
Çek Cumhuriyeti'nde Kraslice ve Hradec Kralove'de bulunan iki farklı fabrikasıyla yüksek standartla üretim yapan Amati nefesli enstrümanları uzun yıllar. AmaTi SPA Milan Duomo, Milan: 21 yorum, makale ve 18 resme bakın. Amati Acl K Sol Klarnet &Nbsp; ÜRÜNÜN Yeni Dizaynı, HÜSnÜ Şenlendirici İle Prag Amati Fabrikasını Ziyaretimiz Esnasında Çİzilmiş Ve 1 Yıl Sonra Satış.WebAmati was a proposed luxury brand announced by Mazda in August as part of Mazda's expansion plan with the launch of the Autozam, Eunos, and ɛ̃fini marques in hopes of becoming Japan's 3rd largest automaker. It was scheduled to launch in as a . Web2ci el Amati sol klarnet, hocamın denemesi.

Amati fabrikası. Analitik.

Amati Model THE ITALIAN ART OF MODEL MAKING Founded in Turin in , Amati was initially known as a specialist in the art of fretwork. Thanks to the collaboration of designers, draftsmen and model makers, Amati has been committed to offering enthusiasts the best products and the most up-to-date technologies for more than years. Amati / Shop Discover Our Baths, Vanities, Kitchen, and Lighting Products Filter Products Showing results Special Boxing Day Sale Shop Finishes Baths Vanities Pedestal .

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Our products come from top of the line manufacturers and suppliers: Grohe, Riobel, Bosco, Caroma, Mirolin, American Standart, Blanco Aqua Brass, Axor & more. WebPar mums. SIA AMATI ir montāžas uzņēmums ar vairāk kā 20 gadu pieredzi Latvijas tirgū. Montējot apkures iekārtas un modernizējot tās ir izveidojusies izmantoto materiālu kvalitātes atlase, kura balstās uz klientu atsauksmēm apkures sistēmu ekspluatēšanas laikā. .
Amati-Denak, s. Amati navázala na tradici houslařství v okolí Kraslic Luby - Schönbach od počátku Po nuceném odsunu Němců po roce se zbytky výroby soustředily do družstva Amati, v roce zestátněného a spojeného s firmou V. Červený v Hradci Králové. Svou produkcí se řadila mezi tři největší výrobce svého druhu v Evropě a vyvážela do více než 50 zemí světa.
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Their importance is considered equal to those of the Bergonzi , Guarneri , and Stradivari families. Andrea Amati c. Based in Cremona, Italy , he standardized the basic form, shape, size, materials and method of construction. Makers from nearby Brescia experimented, such as Gasparo da Salò, Micheli, Zanetto and Pellegrino, but it was Andrea Amati who gave the modern violin family their definitive profile.

A claim that Andrea Amati received the first order for a violin from Lorenzo de' Medici in is invalid as Lorenzo de' Medici died in A number of Andrea Amati's instruments survived for some time, dating between Amati made the first Cello called "The King" in and The largest number of these are from , a set for an entire orchestra of 38 ordered by Catherine de Médicis the regent queen of France and bore hand painted royal French decorations in gold including the motto and coat of arms of her son Charles IX of France.

Of these 38 instruments ordered, Amati created violins of two sizes, violas of two sizes and large-sized cellos. They were in use until the French revolution of and only 14 of these instruments survived.

His work is marked by selection of the finest materials, great elegance in execution, soft clear amber, soft translucent varnish, and an in depth use of acoustic and geometrical principles in design.

Andrea Amati was succeeded by his sons Antonio Amati c. They are also thought to have pioneered the modern alto format of viola , in contrast to older tenor violas, but the widespread belief that they were the first ones to do so is incorrect given that Gasparo da Salo — made violas ranging from altos of 39 cm to tenors of He was the most eminent of the family.

Of his pupils, the most famous were Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri , [3] the first of the Guarneri family of violin makers. There is much controversy regarding the apprenticeship of Antonio Stradivari. He improved the arching of his father's instruments. Amati instruments include some of the oldest extant examples of the violin family, dating to as far back as the midth century.

For reasons of conservation [ citation needed ] , they are only occasionally played in public. Originally a tenor viola, the front is of pine of slightly wavy grain of medium width. The back is one-piece of maple, slab-cut, slightly flamed but with evident circular decorations.

The little scroll is later, but it matches the instrument. The varnish is golden brown. Archivio della Liuteria Cremonese. This rare viola is one of the best preserved of Andrea Amati's decorated instruments.

It features gilt paintings of fleurs-de-lis and trefoils on its back, surrounding the monogram identified by Italian scholar Renato Meucci to be that of Marguerite de Valois-Angoulême. The Latin motto painted in gilt around the monogram, as well as around the ribs, is identical to that found on the Museum's Amati violin made at about the same time and may relate to the court of King Philip II of Spain.

The loss of some of the mottoes' text, as well as other decorative elements painted on the back, clearly reveals that this instrument was reduced in both length and width from its original, large tenor dimensions. Fine Strings. Large tenor viola with Charles IX decoration.

Two-piece back of small-figured maple, bearing the royal insignia and motto. Top of pine of varying grain. Original scroll. Golden-brown varnish. Label not original: "Andrea Amadi in Cremona M.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford. Two-piece back with an ebony inlay of "Chinese-knot" design. Scroll not original. Label not original, dated Strings Magazine. Northern Italian viola attributed to Andrea Amati.

Made, in our opinion, circa by a member of the Amati school. The head by another maker. The back is from one piece of slab cut maple with faint irregular flames. The sides are from slab cut maple similar to the back. The scroll is from quarter cut maple with faint narrow flames. The top is from two pieces of spruce with medium and narrow grain. The dimensions are somewhat reduced. The varnish has a golden brown color. Riley , ISBN , Two-piece back.

The painted decoration is the coat of arms of the Spanish crown. Top with two small wings in the lower bouts. This instrument was cut down in size around from an original length of about 47 cm. Although the instrument comes with a certificate from Simone F. Sacconi attributing it to the Brothers Amati circa , both Charles Beare and Jacques Francais believe it to be a work of Andrea Amati, possibly completed by the Brothers Amati, in which case its date would be closer to Riley, ISBN , One-piece back, covered with a painting of the armorial bearings of Henry IV supported on each side by an angel.

Top of spruce with an open and well-defined grain. Scroll: of faint narrow curl. Ribs of wood similar to back, inscribed in gilt letters "Dvo Proteci Tvnvs". Red-brown varnish. Commissioned for the Medici family, known as the 'Viola Medicea' or the 'Viola del Crocifisso' after the crucifix decoration on its back.

The Strad. One-piece back of medium curl sloping from left to right. Top of distinct grain, broadening slightly towards the flanks. Scroll of wood similar to back. Ribs of wood similar to back. Amati Cremonen. Andreæ fil. F Dendrochronology report by Peter Ratcliff dates the youngest ring of bass and treble sides as Cincinnati Art Museum. One of the few surviving tenors which has not been reduced in size for modern playing.

The head is particularly beautiful and well proportioned. The cheeks are flat, in the style of a cello head, although not so wide as to obstruct the player's left hand. The long and elegant pegbox tapers to a wide throat beneath the perfectly carved scroll. The volutes are hollowed and gather depth from the second through to the narrow final turn.

The figured quarter-sawn maple used for the back and sides of the instrument is of a type commonly used by the Amatis. The continuous slope of the flame across the centre joint achieved by reversing one half of the back before jointing , rather than the mirror-image pattern most commonly seen, is also a feature of their work. The front is of straight and even close-grained spruce. Royal Academy of Music London. Two-piece back; the wax seal below the button depicts a woman's head.

Top of narrow grain, widening towards the flanks. Back of maple. Top of spruce with a pronounced, rather wide grain. Ribs of the same maple as the back. Two-piece spruce top of medium width grain widening to the edges, two-piece back of quarter sawn maple with faint flame of narrow width mostly horizontal, ribs and scroll of similar maple, and varnish of an orange-brown color over a golden ground.

There is an original printed label inside the instrument reads "Nicolaus Amatus Cremonen. Hieronymi Fil. National Museum of American History. The Strad Shop. Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Two-piece back of small curl. Top of pine of well-defined and rather open grain. Scroll of less pronounced curl. Ribs of less pronounced curl. Labeled "Hieronymus Amatus Cremonen Nicolai figlius fecit Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk.

Check which artists plays AMATI instruments Find famous artists. ARTISTS. TRADITION OF PERFECTION. We are back to normal after COVID SELECT YOUR . Italian art of model building Founded in Turin in Amati is initially known as a specialist in the art of tunneling. For over years, Amati has been committed to offering .
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Dec 8,  · In , they announced the development of the Amati. Their flagship sedan aimed to compete with the BMW 7 Series, the Mercedes S-Class, and Toyota’s Lexus . Web2ci el Amati sol klarnet, hocamın denemesi.Amati B-Clarinete ACL S. AMATI G-KLARINETTE DEUTSCHES SYSTEM Çek Cumhuriyeti'nde bulunan ve tanınmış bir nefesli sazlar fabrikası 'Amati'. Amati G-Klarinette ACL S. AMATI G-CLARINET GERMAN SYSTEM Çek Cumhuriyeti'nde bulunan ve tanınmış bir nefesli sazlar fabrikası 'Amati' tarafından.


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