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"Girl power" terimi, kadınların güçlü ve etkili olduğunu ifade etmek için kullanılan bir deyimdir. Bu ifade, birçok durumda cinsiyet eşitliği ve kadın hakları hareketlerinde kullanılmaktadır.
"Girl power" terimi genellikle kadınların güçlendirilmesi ve cesaretlendirilmesi için kullanılır. Bu, kadınların kariyer hedeflerine ulaşmaları, hayatta başarılı olmaları ve özgüvenli olmaları için cesaret verir. Aynı zamanda, kadınların günlük yaşamlarında karşılaştıkları zorluklarla başa çıkabilmeleri için de motivasyon kaynağı olabilir.
Sonuç olarak, "girl power" felsefesi, cinsiyet eşitliği ve kadınların özgüvenli, güçlü ve etkili bireyler olarak toplumda yer almaları için mücadele eder. Bu felsefe, kadınların potansiyellerini gerçekleştirme konusunda cesaretlendikleri ve güçlendikleri bir ortam yaratabilir.
İngilizce: İman girl power › Türkçe: İman kız gücü. Haschak Sisters – Girl Power (Türkçe Çeviri). You can give me any challenge. Imma come out on the top. I can run for miles, no stoppin'. girl power anlam, tanım, girl power nedir: 1. the idea that women and girls should be confident, make decisions, and achieve things.WebTürkçede GİRL POWER ne demek, GİRL POWER sözcüğünün Türçe sözlük karşılığı nedir GİRL POWER Türkçe İngilizce cümle çevirisi. Türkçe GİRL POWER ne demek? . Webpower noun / ˈpauə/ (an) ability güç, yetenek A witch has magic power. A cat has the power of seeing in the dark. He no longer has the power to walk. strength, force or .

Gırl power ne demek. Analitik.

Oct 11,  · Since “Girlhood: It's complicated” opened in , hundreds of visitors have made “Girl Power” a part of their messages to the museum. NMAH What does “girl . Oct 31,  · girl powerとは。意味や和訳。((略式))1 ガールパワー( 女性は自分の好きなように生きるべきという考え方)2 ガールパワー( 女性の社会[政治]的影響力) - 80万 .

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Gırl power ne demek. Gozden gecirmek.

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WebTürkçede GİRL POWER ne demek, GİRL POWER sözcüğünün Türçe sözlük karşılığı nedir GİRL POWER Türkçe İngilizce cümle çevirisi. Türkçe GİRL POWER ne demek? . Bir cümlede Gilmore girls kullanım örnekleri ve çevirileri. Oh, man, I missed the Gilmore girls! Tanrım,'' Gilmore Girls '' ü kaçırdım! And that gilmore girls box set I sent him was .
Calling it quits and pitting your wits! Idioms and phrases in newspapers. Aşağıdaki listelerinizden birine power 'ı ekleyin ya da yeni bir tane yaratın. Add to word list Add to word list. B2 control or influence over people and events. B2 political control in a country. B1 energy , usually electricity , that is used to provide light , heat , etc.
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Bunlar, çoğunlukla power ile kombinasyon halinde kullanılan sözcüklerdir. Calling it quits and pitting your wits! Idioms and phrases in newspapers. Aşağıdaki listelerinizden birine power 'ı ekleyin ya da yeni bir tane yaratın.

Add to word list Add to word list. B2 [ U ] ability to control people and events :. I've no power over him - he does what he wants to. Once nicotine has you in its power, it's very difficult to stop smoking.

She has the power to charm any man she meets. C1 [ U ] the amount of political control a person or group has in a country :. Does the president have more power than the prime minister? How long has the Conservative Party been in power? The army seized power after five days of anti-government demonstrations.

After eight years in power, the government can no longer use the previous government's policy as an alibi for its own failure. Until the constitution is amended , the power to appoint ministers will remain with the president.

Fair trade , say Oxfam , is about giving poor people power. The army took control of the city after the president's fall from power. Most modern kings and queens rule only in a formal way, without real power.

Power to control. C1 [ U ] strength :. Our car doesn't have enough power to tow a trailer. Weightlifters have tremendous power in their arms and legs. Scientists are working to harness the power of the atom. The economic power of many Asian countries has grown dramatically in recent years.

The pictures were an eloquent reminder of the power of the volcano. The Kon-Tiki sailed across the Pacific Ocean propelled by wind power. I was so terrified I seemed to lose all the power from my legs. It is astonishing to see the sheer power of this extraordinary athlete.

The power of her religious faith is clear for all to see. We were struck by the power of the dancers ' performances. It's not in your power to cancel the order. I can't give you a refund - I'm afraid it's not within my power. Since the government limited their powers, the unions are no longer a force to be reckoned with. I'll do everything within my power as a lawyer to achieve justice for you. The power to sack employees resides in the Board of Directors.

He has been vested with the power to implement whatever changes he sees fit. They have the power to say yes or no to big investment projects. B1 [ U ] electricity , especially when considering its use or production :. You should disconnect the power before attempting to repair electrical equipment. Most of the data on the hard drive was corrupted by the power cut.

Solar power is the conversion of the sun's energy into heat and electricity. The storm has affected power lines all over the region. My mental powers aren't as good as they used to be. C1 [ U ] a natural skill or an ability to do something:. We humans believe that we are the only animals to have the power of reason. Environmentalists are doing everything within their power to minimize the impact of the oil spill.

Solving this problem has taken all my brain power. Skill, talent and ability. C1 [ C ] a person , organization , or country that has control over others , often because of wealth , importance , or great military strength :. Spain was an important military power in the 16th century. Germany is on its way to becoming a world power with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. She is an increasingly important power in the company. It's up to the powers that be to decide what should be done next.

People in charge of or controlling other people. The ship was only slightly damaged in the collision and was able to sail into port under its own power. The power rating of my amplifier is 40 watts per channel. What's the magnification power of your binoculars? You'll need a very high-power microscope to see something as small as that. A low-power telescope is enough if you only want to look at the moon. Deyimler do someone a power of good. Buses and trucks are usually powered by diesel engines.

Electricity costs less than petrol , so powering an electric vehicle is cheaper. Machines - general words. Konuda ayrıca ilgili kelimeleri, ifadeleri ve eşanlamlıları da bulabilirsiniz: Fuels. Halfway through, she powered into the lead and went on to win the race. She powered her return past Fernandez who had come to the net. He powered his drive over yards down the first hole.

Moving quickly. Konuda ayrıca ilgili kelimeleri, ifadeleri ve eşanlamlıları da bulabilirsiniz: General terms used in ball sports. Deyimsel fiiller power something down. Ayrıca bkz power tool. Tools in general. Konuda ayrıca ilgili kelimeleri, ifadeleri ve eşanlamlıları da bulabilirsiniz: Physically strong and powerful.

The election results showed that the Democrats had lost power, with Republicans taking over five more Democratic seats. She is a power in the field of medical education. Three to the fourth power can be written 3 4. Deyimsel fiil power up something. Shareholder power is a crucial part of how any capitalist society works. The bitter power struggle at the top of the company had a negative effect on the value of its shares. The balance of power in global markets is beginning to shift. We are seeing a shift in economic power from Europe to Asia.

I believe he has seriously underestimated the power of the brand. The agency is running a campaign to try and turn public opinion in favour of nuclear power. The energy regulator agreed that power companies could make customers sign long-term agreements.

The system is a way of measuring how much computer-processing power is needed to handle all the hits to a customer's site. Ayrıca bkz bargaining power. There is increasing interest in cars powered by alternative fuels , such as ethanol or clean diesel. Most computers are now powered by Intel chips. Deyimsel fiil power sth up. She was wearing her trademark power suit for the meeting. With pretense, disguise, and unreflective belief in disinterested philosophical analysis, philosophers can easily objectify the interests of certain power groups, whether scientific or political.

Cambridge English Corpus kaynağından. Structural consistency is an example of a strong rule that has the power to invalidate changes that yield physically unsupportable designs.

The users of the water invested the communal power with the duty of protecting them against usurpers' efforts to divert the water. As a result, returning refugees introduced new power objects that they carried with them from the localities where they had found refuge.

The specific power deposition must be reduced to avoid destruction of the target. Indeed, the wish to avoid such veto power may both contribute to surplus coalitions and to grand coalitions between major parties.

Both models suggest that innovation is rarely a successful strategy for parties out of power. Clearly, for values of around 1, this cannot be expected because past inflation has almost no predictive power.

Jul 5,  · 「GIRL POWER(ガールパワー)」って単語、意味や歴史をご存知ですか?女子力との違いや使い方も含めて解説します! 彼女がファン向け雑誌(Fanzine) . "GIRL POWER" ifadesini ingilizce dilinden çevirmeniz ve bir cümlede doğru kullanmanız mı gerekiyor? Burada "GIRL POWER" - ingilizce-turkce çevirileri ve ingilizce çevirileri için .
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Great Power kelimesinin anlamı Great Power hakkında nispeten az bilgi var, belki ruh halinizi rahatlatmak için iki dilli bir hikaye izleyebilirsiniz, iyi günler dilerim! Günün İki Dilde . Webgirl power Bedeutung, Definition girl power: 1. the idea that women and girls should be confident, make decisions, and achieve things. Wörterbuch Übersetzen.Kız gücü, kadınların güçlenmesini, bağımsızlığını, güvenini ve gücünü teşvik eden ve kutlayan bir slogandır. Sloganın icadı, 'de Bikini Kill #2: Girl Power adlı bir zine yayınlayan ABD punk grubu Bikini Kill'e atfedilir. ingilizce-turkce dilinde "GIRL POWER" bağlamında çeviriler. Girl power. - Kız gücü.


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