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"The Reaping" is a 2007 American horror film directed by Stephen Hopkins and starring Hilary Swank. The movie follows a former Christian missionary (Swank) who has become a skeptic and a debunker of religious phenomena. She travels to a small Louisiana town to investigate a series of seemingly miraculous occurrences, but as she delves deeper, she begins to uncover a much darker and more sinister reality.
The film received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its eerie atmosphere and strong performances, while others criticized its convoluted plot and reliance on jump scares. Despite the mixed reception, "The Reaping" has developed a small cult following among horror fans.
One of the most memorable aspects of the movie is its use of biblical themes and imagery, drawing on the Book of Exodus and the ten plagues that struck Egypt. The film's depiction of the plagues, such as swarms of locusts and rivers of blood, are particularly effective in creating a sense of unease and dread.
Overall, "The Reaping" may not be the most groundbreaking or well-executed horror film, but it remains an intriguing and entertaining entry in the genre. For fans of religious horror and supernatural thrillers, it is definitely worth a watch.
All Hallows Eve: The Reaping. Alone on Halloween, a young woman finds a VHS tape on her doorstep. Fragman. İzleme Listesi. Paylaş. Ayrıntılar. Bölge, 2 ; Diğer, İnteraktif Menü ; İzleme Grubu, R - 18, 18 Yaşından küçüklerin izlemesi sakıncalıdır ; Oyuncu, Hilary Swank, David Morrissey ; Ses, İngilizce. Hasat Zamanı izle, Hasat Zamanı full hd film izle, Hasat Zamanı türkçe dublaj izle, Hasat Zamanı p izle, Katherine mucizelere inanmayan herşeyin bilim.Hasat Zamanı The Reaping OkRu Listeye Ekle Sinema Modu Beğendim (1) Beğenmedim Film Hakkında 13 sene önce eklendi Fragmanı izle . The Reaping is a American supernatural horror thriller film, starring Hilary Swank. The film was directed by Stephen Hopkins for Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow .

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Hasat Zamanı The Reaping OkRu Listeye Ekle Sinema Modu Beğendim (1) Beğenmedim Film Hakkında 13 sene önce eklendi Fragmanı izle . Apr 27,  · Orijinal adı The Reaping Teaser videoyu izle Üyeler 3,5 Puanlama ve Eleştiri Beyazperde 2,5 Arkadaşlarım -- Puanım: İzlemek İstiyorum Eleştiri yaz! .
Katherine Winter, doğaüstü olduğuna inanılan ilahi olayların arkasındaki bilimsel gerçekleri açıklamaya kendini adamış bir bilim insanıdır. Mesleğin zirvesinde iken küçük bir kasabadan geldiklerini söyleyen bir kişi onlardan yardım ister. Nehirlerin tamamen kanla kaplı olduğunu söylüyordur. Kayıt Ol Giriş Yap. Hasat Zamanı izle The Reaping. Hasat Zamanı Filminin Bilgileri Katherine Winter, doğaüstü olduğuna inanılan ilahi olayların arkasındaki bilimsel gerçekleri açıklamaya kendini adamış bir bilim insanıdır.
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The Reaping is a American supernatural horror thriller film, starring Hilary Swank. The film was directed by Stephen Hopkins for Warner Bros. The music for the film was scored by John Frizzell. Katherine Winter and colleague Ben investigate claims of miracles. On an expedition to the city of Concepción, Chile , they investigate claims that the corpse of a priest who has been dead for 40 years remains in pristine condition. Eventually they discover that toxic waste helped preserve the body.

She meets Doug Blackwell, a teacher from the nearby town of Haven, who asks Katherine to find out why Haven's river has turned red. The locals believe this is a biblical plague caused by a girl, Loren McConnell, who they believe killed her older brother in the river. They travel to Haven, where Katherine sees the river is indeed entirely red.

Katherine and Doug come across ruins of an old church, which Doug explains was destroyed one hundred years ago by several hurricanes, forcing the entire town to relocate.

Meanwhile, Ben witnesses dead frogs seemingly fall from the sky. Doug invites them to spend the night at his house, where he reveals he comes from a long line of only children. That night, their dinner becomes rotted with flies instantly. Katherine and Ben get a call asking them to come to a nearby farm, where they find that the cows are dying of an unknown disease. Ben begins to question whether the events could actually have biblical causes, but Katherine remains unconvinced.

The owner of the farm tells them that the McConnell family have been visited by people who appear to be Satan worshippers , and that he saw evidence of a religious sacrifice. Later that evening, Katherine tells Doug why she left the church; five years ago, she was an ordained minister.

While doing missionary work in the Sudanese Civil War in southern provinceses of Sudan South Sudan didn't exist in with her husband and daughter, the locals sacrificed her family, believing they caused a drought. Katherine then has intense dreams that she and Doug have sex. Katherine goes to talk to Loren. Loren remains silent the whole time. Katherine notices that her leg is soaked in menstrual blood. Katherine helps clean her up and has a vision of Loren turning the river red.

Loren's mother appears, asking if Katherine is there to kill Loren. Before she can explain, Loren attacks her and Katherine runs away. Ben and Katherine examine Loren's brother's body, finding the sickle-like symbol branded into his lower back.

Test results prove the river contains human blood. The citizens, meanwhile, are shaving their children's heads, due to an outbreak of lice. Ben and Doug try to get the mayor to evacuate the town, but he and his staff are killed with boils. A posse gathers to kill Loren to try to stop the plagues. Katherine calls Father Costigan, who explains that he has researched a satanic cult which sacrifices every second-born child once they reach puberty to create a "perfect child with the eyes of the Devil" to bring them power.

He believes that Loren is the devil child. He also states that an angel, who cannot be harmed by the cult, will destroy them. He insists that Katherine is the angel, as the term is sometimes used to mean servants of God. At that moment, a supernatural force burns Costigan's room, killing him. Katherine returns to the McConnell house, where she finds the cult's sacrificial chamber. There, Loren's mother says that Loren is "his servant" now, then kills herself.

Outside, Katherine finds locusts everywhere. As the townspeople arrive and prepare to kill Loren, the locusts attack and kill the posse. Doug runs away and falls into the river. Katherine locks herself in the house and Ben hides in a crypt, where he discovers skeletons and bodies of sacrificed children. He calls Katherine when Loren appears outside. Katherine finds Ben dead.

She confronts Loren as darkness falls and fiery hail and thunder rains from the sky. Katherine is about to kill Loren, when suddenly she says something that Katherine told her own daughter in Sudan.

Katherine asks how she can tell what is real. Loren answers "faith", and shows her a vision of the truth. The cult, which actually encompasses the entire town and Doug, are shown trying to kill Loren since she has reached puberty.

Loren escaped and her brother Brody stabbed her, but her wound miraculously healed, and Brody died. Katherine realizes that Loren is the angel God sent. She also sees that Doug killed Ben. The townsfolk surround them as Doug tells her that only an ordained servant of God can kill Loren. He reveals that his family recruited the entire town into the satanic cult, as the hurricanes that destroyed the old church led them to believe that God had abandoned them.

He invited Katherine to investigate the plagues because they hoped she would join them, since she had turned her back on God. Katherine refuses. A sudden fire then rains down on the town, killing the satanists, who all happened to be first-born. Doug grabs Katherine as he is being lifted off the ground and killed, with Katherine being spared.

As Katherine drives Loren away, Loren reveals that Katherine is pregnant. Since this is her second child, Katherine realizes that her unborn son, fathered by Doug, is the prophesied demonic child. Filming for the movie took place in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana with many scenes shot in an abandoned WalMart store. Swank convinced the producers to move the film's setting from New England to Louisiana. Many scenes were shot at Ellerslie Plantation near St.

Francisville, Louisiana. The DVD special features record that the producers considered shooting in another city, but decided that Louisiana needed the economic benefit of the movie being shot there. Before and during the making of the movie, skeptic investigator Joe Nickell was consulted. The type of skeptical investigations by the movie's main character in the first part of the movie is roughly based on Nickell's investigations of claims of the paranormal since The film was originally scheduled to play in theaters on August 5, , then November 5, ; it was then switched to March 30, , the date featured on the above poster , then April 6, , and then to April 5, It was finally released on April 5, , to coincide with Holy Thursday.

The score was originally written by Philip Glass , and went as far as the recording; however, the producers were not completely satisfied and decided to give it another try. John Frizzell was then brought in to compose a new score. It's schlocky, spiritually shallow, and scare-free. Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe , the Mayor of Concepción, Chile , formally objected to the producers of the film over its portrayal of the city in the opening scene. She pointed out that rather than being the dirty underdeveloped tropical city as shown in the movie, Concepción is an industrialized city with many universities and was surprised that such inadequate research of the setting had been carried out for a high budget movie.

Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk. Read Edit View history. Tools Tools. Download as PDF Printable version. For the Doctor Who audio drama, see The Reaping audio drama. Release date. April 5, Running time. Junius as Sarah Winter. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources in this section. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Retrieved 11 July San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved Rotten Tomatoes. Films directed by Stephen Hopkins. Philip Glass. List of compositions. Piano Concerto No. Dracula Dark Castle Entertainment.

StudioCanal Silver Pictures. Book of Exodus media.

Hasat Zamanı izle ⭐️ The Reaping izle () yapımı Korku türündeki filmi Türkçe Dublaj full hd kalitesinde izleyebilirsiniz. FilmEkseni Filmekseni. Dec 6,  · Hasat Zamanı (The Reaping) Korku Filmi Fragmanı - YouTube / Hasat Zamanı (The Reaping) Korku Filmi Fragmanı Fragman’s TV K .
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Hasat Zamanı izle The Reaping Anasayfa Korku Türkçe Dublaj Türkçe Altyazılı Fragman Sinema Modu Hasat Zamanı Filminin Bilgileri Katherine Winter, doğaüstü olduğuna . 1 day ago · The Reaping Is a Brutal Reminder of the Capitol's Power in 'The Hunger Games'. With a renewed interest in 'The Hunger Games' franchise, many are looking for .Hasat zamanı / The Reaping türkçe dublaj izle ; Yönetmen: Stephen Hopkins ; Oyuncular: AnnaSophia Robb, David Morrissey, Hilary Swank, Idris Elba. Hasat Zamanı izle, Hasat Zamanı full hd film izle, Hasat Zamanı türkçe dublaj izle, Hasat Zamanı p izle, Katherine mucizelere inanmayan herşeyin bilim.


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